Yes, but …


Yes, but …

… she always does this to me, why should I do something about it – as if this was my fault.
… I feel everything, and he knows it; why can’t he behave in a way that will not upset me?
… I have to word it in a way to make sure they will not be hurt.

What if … this is not the only way? Nor the best possible way?


We expect everyone to behave. To not upset us. To be polite. To not be angry. To be in a good mood.
And when they don’t, we suffer. We feel like victims; we see ourselves as victims. Of everyone. And everything.

We expect things to be fair. We want it to be the way we envision and desire. We have expectations. And we are attached to those expectations.


What if … there is a different way? A more empowering one?

To take our life into our own hands.
To take responsibility.
To see what is us and what is not us, what actually is ours, and what is not.
To know and master our emotions.
To set boundaries.
To manage ourselves and our life.
– To not be managed by everything and everyone.


Let go of expectations, attachment, responsibility for other people, and control of other people.

To sift.
And to shift.

Yes. And …
… what can I do to stop this from happening again?
… what can I do to strengthen my boundaries and tell him how I feel?
… I will speak the truth and be gentle, but how they receive, it is out of my hands.


What kind of life do you want to live?
What kind of life do you want to lead? Do you? At all? Lead?