“He always chooses something I don’t like!
Why can’t he pick something I will be thrilled about?! Or at least okay with?”
Disappointed, annoyed. Hurt.
“If he does not know me by now, will he ever?
Am I in for a life of misunderstanding, lack of love, even?”

In one of my relationships, these were my thoughts on not so rare occasions.
My words out loud were: “I don’t like that. I don’t want that.”
Complemented with my attitude of mostly being resentful, sulking, and unpleasant. And sometimes, I did not say anything. I cooperated and let the resentment built up.

Thinking of those moments now, I disbelievingly shake my head, embarrassed about my behavior. AND my ignorance.

HE DID NOTHING WRONG! (In those instances, at least)
He was asking me questions! (In those instances, at least)
Where would you like to go? What would you like to do?

“You choose. I don’t mind.”

I was so oblivious of what was going on. Utterly unaware of myself. I haven’t got a clue what I want.
And so I took the easy way. And I blamed him. (For everything that was triggered.) After all, they were his ideas, right?

If I could tell me back then what was really going on, what would I say?

Use his questions and start exploring yourself. Learn.
Use your reactions and start digging. Uncover.
Use your realizations and start communicating.
Take responsibility for yourself and your life into your own hands.
Start creating your life, not living the consequences.

Does the story sound familiar?

How many times are your expectations met?
How well do people in your life understand you?

If your answers are somewhere in the “Blah spectrum,”
there’s some work waiting to be done.
Things to be uncovered.
Layers to be removed.

Do you want to know how?

Message me for details. Or fill the application here.

Photo (original): Anja Benedik