Nice words about my work as a coach


“I chose to work with Manca because I was looking to work with someone aware of the hsp trait and it was very helpful talking to someone who is already aware of that trait. Manca is a very sweet person. I especially liked the way she listened to me very carefully and helped me realize and put in order my thoughts and feelings. She didn’t try to tell me what is right or what I should do but helped me find my own answers. I also liked how she helped me in a practical way, so that I can make real changes in my everyday life.

Also I found very helpful her initial discovery session which helped make a mental map of my life: who I am, what I want, my goals, my values. This was a new experience for me and a very empowering one because it gave me kind of like a compass to find my way around life.

I am glad I had the chance to work with her and I would encourage anyone to do the same.”

– Ivi, Greece

I really enjoyed working with Manca. She is warm, always ready to smile, and kind. From the very first session, I felt a great deal of trust with her. She is grounded and provides a great place to explore different feelings and ideas. Manca has a very positive nature. I enjoyed my time with her and feel like I’ve been able to meet my goals.

Manca has a very calm presence and always creates a warm, safe space for me to explore difficult things. I’ve lived most of my life in my head. After working with Manca I am able to get into my heart-space, sit with my emotions, and actually am learning to trust my feelings.”

– Kim H., USA

I expected to learn a bit more about myself as a HSP. I wanted to set boundaries for myself as a HSP. After the session, I feel empowered to set boundaries for myself, and I have a strategy in place to successfully protect myself from unwanted feelings and unhealthy relationships.

Manca was patient and present with me, and I felt comfortable to share my insecurities. Sometimes I was caught up in my own narrow way of thinking, she was capable of gently bringing me to look at the whole picture. As a highly sensitive person, I really appreciate Manca being very understanding yet professional towards my vulnerabilities.

Manca’s coaching is effective and transformational, and you would feel very comfortable sharing your sensitive issues with her. She has comprehensive knowledge in this field and is very skilled at working with HSP. I’d definitely recommend her!“

– Yannan, UK

I met Manca in Coaching school. The minute I read her email introducing herself to me and looked at her bio on her website, I felt that I was going to meet my alter ego, and I did! 

From the first meeting we hit it off and I found in her not only an amazingly competent coach but also an incredible human being, someone everybody should meet at one point in their lives.

She immediately created the safe space needed for deep introspection and for complete and utter honesty. In her supportive, compassionate and non-judgmental presence and with her discrete and timely interventions (whether they were questions, insights or even just her silence) we peeled off limiting beliefs layer after layer and unearthed repressed truths and needs. 

Saying that thanks to Manca I made progress in my quest for self-discovery wouldn’t do her justice. What actually happened is that she catapulted me forward and thanks to her I have even more self-awareness and I am more in touch with my inner wisdom. 

I am grateful to the universe that made sure we met and I look forward to continuing working with her as the value added to her coaching techniques and skills is her wonderful, warm personality matched with her professionalism.

Thank you, Manca!”

– Evdoxia Stoupi, 47, Greece

I am grateful that you have provided a safe environment filled with compassion allowing me to be open and vulnerable. Your warmth and nurturing approach allows me to relax and share with depth and openness. Your ability to gently ask questions and reflect is powerful helping guide me on my journey. Forever thankful my friend. “

– Margy Evans, Co-founder of Link Up Business Alliance and Business Coach