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Coaching is a method where I ask a lot of questions to help you see more. You also get more clarity, and your awareness expands. We address what needs to be addressed, and we talk about tools, practices, the work that needs to be done – and we do the work as well.

Well, you do the work, and I support and guide you – and cheer for you.

I use the Whole Person life coaching modality, and my overall approach is holistic. In my opinion and experience, everything is connected; every single part of us, our lives, the world, the Earth, and the Universe … interacts with all the other parts, and they influence each other. So to change something, you have to have the bigger picture. And by working with me in my coaching program, you get that broader view.

Change is a process, and transformation takes time. From my experience, three months is a great time to create something.


Are you ready to power up your life?

Is it time to make your relationships work?


The choice is – as always – yours.


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Manca was patient and present with me, and I felt comfortable to share my insecurities. Sometimes I was caught up in my own narrow way of thinking, she was capable of gently bringing me to look at the whole picture. As a highly sensitive person, I really appreciate Manca being very understanding yet professional towards my vulnerabilities.

– Yannan, UK


Manca has a very calm presence and always creates a warm, safe space for me to explore difficult things.

– Kim H., USA


She immediately created the safe space needed for deep introspection and for complete and utter honesty. In her supportive, compassionate and non-judgmental presence and with her discrete and timely interventions (whether they were questions, insights or even just her silence) we peeled off limiting beliefs layer after layer and unearthed repressed truths and needs.”

“… thanks to her I have even more self-awareness and I am more in touch with my inner wisdom.

– Evdoxia, Greece



∞  Photo: Anja Benedik