We are state of the art creatures.

We should come with a manual.


(Yesterday, when I read that, the statement seemed so true. If only we had instructions.)


(Today, there was a sequel. I heard it while cleaning my kitchen, minding my own business. It felt true.)


But, what if … we did?


And we misplaced that manual along the way?

Or learned to weaken the connection to those instructions?

Or grew into not wanting to use it?


We are finely tuned instruments.

I don’t think anyone will argue with that. Just look at the cycle of creating a new human being or our autonomic nervous system functions, for example. 

(This is what I tell people, born with the trait of High Sensitivity. For them, the 20% minority, being a finely tuned apparatus is even truer – their nervous system is even more finely tuned.)


When we talk about instruments, there are usually instructions that come with them, and the more complex the thing is, the lengthier the manual. Manuals, instructions give us information on how to take care of this equipment, use it, and handle it to function properly and enable its best performance.


So, being able to create such a masterpiece, how could the creative force make a rookie mistake and not create a manual?! Or forget to enclose it?

(Being unprecise is a human doing, not divine.)


What happened, then?

Where is the manual?

How do we find it?


And – what the manual actually is? What are our instructions?


Well, instructions usually come with the “thing,” don’t they? Even if they are accessible online, there is something enclosed with the product.

(Do you see where I am going with this?)

Have you ever had an experience when you felt something somewhere in your body, or you just knew something – somehow, like a message or instruction? 

What did you do with that message? 

And if you didn’t follow the instruction, what were the consequences of that?


This is the manual. These are the instructions. This intangible “somehow” knowing, feeling, seeing … 

For the sake of simplicity, I will call it inner wisdom.

It tells us what is right for us and what is not; it shows us what is true and what is not; it guides us on how to best take care of ourselves and directs us towards our expansion, growth, fulfillment, and reaching our potential.

(You can call it intuition, inner guidance, a guardian angel, inner voice – the unexplainable, the intangible, the woo-woo for some.)

When we are born, we follow our manuals to a T. 

Later, it gets complicated. We learn (how to function in a community, in the society), and with that, we unlearn (how to access our manual). 

Slowly, gradually we might weaken the connection to our instructions.


How to strengthen the connection or reconnect?


Well, here is the thing. There is no one prescribed way. You have to find your own.

(A bit Catch-22ish: You have to use your guidance to find your guidance.)

And YOU have to find it. Only you CAN.


But there are ways to start. Or get ideas.


First, allowing the possibility that it exists.

Intention. Action. Exploration. Curiosity. Dedication.

What does this path involve?


Disconnection from other sources.

People, media, the internet, collective influences. Alcohol, drugs, sugar, other addictive substances that cause you to numb your internal happenings.

Connection to your body, emotions – it will give you cues. 

At first, they might mostly be cues on what is in the way of clear messages – what needs to be healed, looked at, taken into account. 

(A lot of the things that weakened the connection is stuck in the body.)


Finding a practice.

One that grounds you and gets you to feel your body and be in the present moment – and that centers you.

Doing the practice(s).

Listening to cues.

Acting on them, trusting them, and paying attention to their accuracy at the same time.


(You are relearning the language your manual is written in.)



Having written all of this about the process of strengthening the connection, I have to tell you there is something else.

There are other ways to find guidance for your next step. 

(You need to know what the question is, though.)

Which I am sure you already know. But maybe you don’t trust the message. Or you perhaps lack the courage to follow through.


To ask a question and then allow the answer to come in its own time. Not looking for it but being aware of what is happening in your life, being present. Messages can come in different forms—people, songs, images, words, colors, memories, and so on.

To step away from what is going on, find a way to calm your nervous system and quiet the inner and outer noise. And then start paying attention, listening. When you do that, you will hear, you will know.

To pay attention when you are doing something and are calm (not in a swirl of repetitive thoughts and frustrations) –  to thoughts (words, images, songs) that pop up. They have a message for you.


Like me cleaning the kitchen, I heard it from within.


Having read through all of that, you may have a clue about the state your connection is in by now.

You might not be completely disconnected from your manual.

Maybe you just lack the courage to act on its words.


Because it is uncomfortable. Scary. Unknown. 

(The ancient program warns: You might lose the tribe’s approval. And without it, you

 will not survive.)


Well, in times like this, one might ask: 

Do I even trust the tribe?

Do they have the answers that reveal the truth?


What do you say, shall we bring out the manuals and learn how to find the answers for ourselves, the truth?


If you need support and help in doing that, let me know.