The map is supposed to help us navigate and move across the ground. To do that, the map should suit the environment. Pretty logic and obvious, right?

And when walking or driving through the flatland, trying to navigate our way while holding the map of a mountain region or a coastland in our hands, it won’t be long before we figure out something is not right. Then what?

Well, when the map doesn’t fit the ground we are on, we don’t blame the ground for not agreeing with the map, do we?

We don’t go and mold the environment to fit the map. Do we?

We use a different map – or go and search for the right one.

And while a lot of the land has already been measured and mapped, the ground I have in mind has not. 

It is personal, and it is individual; the ground is our needs, our wants, our preferences. And the map is about the way in which we are living our lives – how we take care of our needs, how we fulfill our wants, and what we do with our preferences. Especially in our relationships and regarding our health.


So, why do we, Highly Sensitive, blame the ground for not agreeing with the map? 

Why do we keep trying to mold the ground to fit the map?


Because no one told us we need a notably different map!


Being born Highly Sensitive means, you not only have to make your own map (like we all do) but also that your map will need to be distinctly different than the map, 80% of the population has.

The thing is, four people out of five will most likely not have a clue what you are talking about when describing your experiences or perception. Or challenges and needs, for that matter. And many of your needs are actually more than that; they are requirements. If you want to be healthy, that is.

With that percentage, is it surprising that the frequently used maps disagree with our specific ground? Although being personalized, often used maps still have certain similarities.


Being a Highly Sensitive individual means one has to not only make their own personalized map, unique to every individual – because this will not suffice. It means there needs to be more to it; the map has to address and show unique features the ground has because of High Sensitivity.


Making a map is a process. 

To live a quality life, you need to learn what precisely that kind of life is for you.

You need to find your way.

You do that by learning more about yourself and what supports you. And by letting go of everything else.


It is crucial that Highly Sensitive have a highly fine-tuned map, and it is not easy to find that in the overwhelming amount of often contradicting information.

It takes a Highly Sensitive person AND someone who knows how to make maps to help you discover and create yours. And there are not many people like that.

I am one.

*The title quote is from Gordon Livingston.

*Photo: Anja Benedik