If I knew this several years ago …


Maybe you know you are not like most people, but you think there is something wrong with you. You are too sensitive, too weak, perhaps.
(You picked up on things that gave you this idea in the first place, you keep hearing words that back it up, you see the “evidence” of how others are better.)
So you try harder.
And are harder on yourself.

What if there is nothing wrong with you?

What if there was a reason for you being the way you are?
A reason called an innate trait. A normal personality trait.

Being Highly Sensitive requires a different lifestyle than most of the population has.
A different kind of self-care, for example.
But first and foremost, understanding you are wired differently and learning about yourself so that you can support yourself in the right way. Including shutting down those (internalized) voices telling you all the things you should do and how faulty you are.

“Just by talking with you, I realized that … There was a process. First, reassurance that here is how I am built. And that is why I have a tendency to feel this way because I am just … wired this way. It’s not good or bad; it just is. And then it was the reassuring what I always felt that the self-care is needed and to overcome the messages in my head that you have to take care of everybody else before you can take care of you and then by the time you take care of you, there is not enough time then it’s tomorrow and then … You know that’s the ongoing circle, right? And the third was setting the boundaries for myself and others to be able to have this kind of conversations. And … which I never had.”

Knowing you are Highly Sensitive matters.

Knowing what that means for you and how it shows in your life matters even more.

“If I knew this several years ago before I had my son, it would be much better. Much better. I would be much better. (…) And also, I think I would enjoy the pregnancy much better.”

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