High Sensitivity – a few words about it


High Sensitivity is a trait approximately every fifth person is born with. If you are not one of them, chances are, you know one. Or love one. 

It is a normal personality trait, and while it is only one of the traits, it is also a crucial one.


? Because it influences our entire life experience.


How so?

? Differential susceptibility.

Research showed that a child born with the trait of High Sensitivity (HS), who experienced a good childhood (goodness of fit in their upbringing), did better later in life compared to a child without this trait, growing up in similar circumstances. A Highly Sensitive child who experienced a not good enough childhood was impacted by it more than a child without the trait who had a similar childhood.

? Finely tuned apparatus (more sensitive nervous system) needs finer (self)care.

Throughout a highly sensitive life, there is evidence of this. The way that works for most people is not healthy for Highly Sensitive. Not in the long run, anyway.

We (yes, me too) need more sleep and alone, quiet time to process all information and stimuli that our nervous system took in that we noticed. To give our nervous system and our (deeply processing) brain a break from stimulation.

? Our levels of being full or overwhelmed might seem lower when, in fact, are not.

We take in more, notice sooner (and more), process deeply, feel stronger. SO when other people think we are starting to adapt to make a compromise with them – to try to meet them halfway, guess what? We already are on the path at that moment; in fact, we are very likely nearing the red point on the scale.

? Our brain functions differently (depth of processing is a fundamental characteristic of the trait); some centers in the brain and certain brain cells are more active. Our emotions are stronger, and our empathy as well.

This brings us back to our childhood (with the need to be taught emotional regulation) and our self-care (including energetic and emotional boundaries).


How successful are you at taking care of your finely tuned apparatus, that is you?

If you realize you need support and guidance with your care and maintenance – or reading the instructions – I can help.

Let me know.


Fotografija: Anja Benedik