I’m glad you want to treat yourself to some resources.


These two complimentary e-books are about a normal personality trait called High Sensitivity, an innate trait approximately every fifth person is born with.

If you are not sure about you being Highly Sensitive, you can check Elaine Aron’s free informative self-test on her website, hs.person.


The books will provide you with:

* a better understanding of High Sensitivity, yourself and your life from a High Sensitivity perspective

* guidance to see what does and doesn’t work in your life in terms of High Sensitivity

* support with designing action steps towards a more aligned lifestyle

* a structured process of exploration and change


The e-books can be downloaded here.


# 1


The manual explains some of the first steps you can take after you learn about the
existence of a trait called High Sensitivity and realize that you have this trait.

With its informative approach, the manual answers the “Now what?” question, as well as some others:
What is High Sensitivity? Why is it important to honor it? How can this be achieved?


# 2


The workbook guides you through learning more about YOUR High Sensitivity and invites you to start applying what you have learned about it to your life.

Its self-exploratory methods help you answer questions such as:
What is my High Sensitivity like? How is my current lifestyle aligned with it? How
can it be honored in my life? What action steps can I take to address it?


These e-books are for you, if:

* you are Highly Sensitive, or you aren’t sure if you are an HSP, but you know you are more sensitive than most people

* you want to know more about High Sensitivity in a short and practical way
* you want a guided approach to exploring your life and your (High) Sensitivity
* someone close to you is Highly Sensitive, and you want to understand them and/or support them

* you have a Highly Sensitive or sensitive child (resources about Highly Sensitive Children are in the making), and you would like to see how this could help you understand them

* you already have knowledge about High Sensitivity, but you are curious and want more

* you are not Highly Sensitive but would like to know what High Sensitivity is and how it is shown


I’d like to have these e-books.


Something about me:

My name is Manca Klinar, and I am a certified Whole Person Life Coach.

I support (Highly) Sensitive women on their path to wholeness. I help them find the missing piece(s).

If this is you, I would be happy to support you on your journey. To find the missing piece. (Of) Yourself. I can help you understand yourself and your (High) Sensitivity more, find your own unique way, and create a supportive way of life that will express your whole self.

My approach is holistic, and to aid the transformational process, I also use energy support; I mostly work with Earth’s energy.


Here’s to our sensitivity!


Photo: Anja Benedik