Does a fish know what water is?

You go through your days.
(Not really happy. You have a sense something is missing.)
Your days are just ordinary; usually, nothing is wrong. Or so you think.
Because they say so.

You know you are not really like them. And they know it too.
You know you need a different way, you like things differently.
Those family gatherings. You don’t like them.
(“They are family. And besides, we have to show up; everybody is expecting that we come.”)
Unannounced visitors. You don’t appreciate those.
(“It’s no big deal! Why do you have to be so touchy about it?”)
TV and radio. You need them off. Or less loud, at least.
(“How can you call this volume loud?”)
Change. You need more time.
(“Here we go again. Why can’t you just get over it?”)

Their way is obviously the way to live, right? You are surrounded by it; it’s as common as the air you breathe.
It happens everywhere in your life, all the time, it’s been there throughout your life – so they must be right. You don’t question it.
You comply. And this is your life.

This is your water.

And while
fish most likely don’t know what water is (because for them, it is all there is), and they don’t yearn for an out of water lifestyle (because they don’t even know it exists)

You know your desires. And your needs.
Your yearnings are still there (even after all these years). And so is what you don’t want.
They will not go away—none of it will.
If. You. Don’t. Do. Something. About. It.

You don’t have to comply.
You can live your life differently.
Just because it happens all over the place does not make it alright.
The majority doing it one way does not make it obligatory.
It only makes it mainstream. Predominant.
It makes it water.

Wouldn’t you like to see what exists beyond the water?
(But to see it, you will have to jump out of the water. Into the Unknown. Scary. Uncomfortable.)

Wouldn’t you like to experience a life lived (more) your way?
(But to do that, you will have to risk being opposed to – at least in the beginning.)

Family gatherings if you choose so.
Visitors who call first.
TV and radio management.
More time to deal with change – their understanding even.

How does that sound?
YOU CHOOSING – when you go into the water and when not.

It starts with the first jump.
The decision.

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