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Coaching is a method where I ask a lot of questions to help you uncover and see more. You also get more clarity, and your awareness expands. We address what needs to be addressed, and we also talk about tools, practices, the work that needs to be done. And then you do the work – with me as your support, your guidance, and your personal cheerleader.

It is not therapy, and it is not consulting, although I might offer some ideas or share what works for me if needed.


I use Whole Person Coaching® that views the person as an integrated whole and, through this approach, helps them uncover the interrelationship between the various aspects of their life. Using a holistic process, I work with the whole person: mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual aspects.


For supporting the transformational process, I also use energy work if needed or requested. I mostly work with Earth’s energy since it is the energy that helps us ground (and strengthen our energy field as well).


As each person is unique, I create each program individually, based on specific desires, goals, and experiences. Before scheduling a free initial consult, I will ask you to fill out the application form. Your answers will help me gain clarity about the offer that would support you the most.


I work online, using Zoom video conferencing. My sessions are typically 60- minutes sessions, and the coaching process begins with going through various areas of your life as it is. We sign an agreement before coaching starts.


Transformation is a process since change takes time. From my experience, three months is a good time frame to create something – or to find something that’s missing.


Are you ready to begin?

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If you have any questions, I suggest you send me an email ( or a Facebook message.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!



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“I chose to work with Manca because I was looking to work with someone aware of the HSP trait, and it was very helpful talking (…) I especially liked the way she listened to me very carefully and helped me realize and put in order my thoughts and feelings. She didn’t try to tell me what is right or what I should do but helped me find my own answers. I also liked how she helped me in a practical way so that I can make real changes in my everyday life.“

Also, I found very helpful her initial discovery session, which helped make a mental map of my life: who I am, what I want, my goals, my values. This was a new experience for me and a very empowering one because it gave me kind of like a compass to find my way around life.“

– Ivi, Greece


Manca was patient and present with me, and I felt comfortable to share my insecurities. Sometimes I was caught up in my own narrow way of thinking, she was capable of gently bringing me to look at the whole picture. As a highly sensitive person, I really appreciate Manca being very understanding yet professional towards my vulnerabilities.

– Yannan, UK


Manca has a very calm presence and always creates a warm, safe space for me to explore difficult things.

– Kim H., USA


She immediately created the safe space needed for deep introspection and for complete and utter honesty. In her supportive, compassionate, and non-judgmental presence and with her discrete and timely interventions (whether they were questions, insights, or even just her silence), we peeled off limiting beliefs layer after layer and unearthed repressed truths and needs.”

“… thanks to her, I have even more self-awareness, and I am more in touch with my inner wisdom.

– Evdoxia, Greece