— Are you Highly Sensitive? —


Reclaim your power, unburden your life


-> Are you tired of being overlooked and misunderstood?

-> Do you have enough of adjusting to others, accepting and absorbing everything, being a doormat?

-> Are you sick and tired of being a victim of everything and everyone?


If you answered Yes to at least one of the questions, 

then this program is what you want.



Do you, instead, want to say Yes to something else?


– ) Say Yes to seeing all the ways in which you DO have power IN your life and OVER your life.

– ) Say Yes to activating that power and shift the quality of your life.

– ) Say Yes to improving the quality of your relationships – starting with the most important one,

                                         the relationship with yourself.


In this three-month individual coaching program,


I help you get clear on where you are at,

I support you in identifying where you want to go, and

I guide you through the obstacles in between the two,


so you are able to make self-respectful choices in your relationships

– and in your whole life –



High Sensitivity may be a burden for you now,

but it is not meant to be that way.


Are you interested in finding out more?


I invite you to apply for the program here.



You can learn some more about the way I work here.





After the session, I feel empowered to set boundaries for myself, and I have a strategy in place to successfully protect myself from unwanted feelings and unhealthy relationships.“

– Yannan, UK


I used to get anxious just thinking about getting anxious. Now when I feel the anxiety start up, I don’t freak out, I know what to do to mitigate the feelings.”

I can approach difficult situations and know that when I start feeling upset I don’t have to let it spin out of control.”

– Kim H., USA



∞  Photo: Anja Benedik