My encounter with coaching


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. That’s why it is important not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. Namely, common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18. All in all, life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.*



Hello and welcome on my blog 🙂

My name is Manca. Here I wish to share snippets of my life, upgraded with useful information.

On this path of personal and spiritual growth, I am constantly learning – especially about myself. What I am most happy about is coming closer to the true essence of who I am. When I realized I am Highly Sensitive I felt a strong desire to help spread the word about High Sensitivity in Slovenia. I also wanted to educate myself about High Sensitivity. To learn from dr. Elaine Aron becoming a certified coach was the only truly accessible option for me. I am very grateful that was the case; before that point in my life, I haven’t even noticed coaching. When choosing the coaching program I literally felt the Whole Person Coaching program. At this point, I could say: And the rest is history. Namely, for me, the training and everything linked to it was deeply transformational. Our small study group provided a safe and loving space for me to explore myself. Another thing was soon after the beginning we already started coaching each other which was quite unusual for me. I was accustomed to learning all of the theory first and then practice it. I am so grateful to our awesome Feroshia for this approach that threw me off of my habitual way and moved me forward. To where I wanted to be. Here.

For quite some time it was difficult for me to explain what coaching is. Asking the right questions at the right moment. And so much more. Coaching isn’t to come to a coach with a problem, they give you a solution and you are happily on your way home. It is also not therapy because it is not dealing with past and emotional wounds. It is a process of finding solutions for your preferred future in a safe space, being accompanied and guided by someone equipped to do so, who is fully present, listens to you actively, observes and feels, is being curious and open, and is there for you. It is directed towards the future you want, uncovering and removing the obstacles to get there and is drawing (also) from what has already worked for you in the past. Through this process, the coach can share some possible ways or their perception of things, but the final solution, the decision is yours, the one that suits you best. And what you walk away with is not just this solution, it is also a bigger awareness of your power, more clarity, different self-awareness … and in time this way of finding your answers and solutions you experience during coaching can become your own way. If you allow it and if you are open. If you are prepared to work and have persistence.

Everything valuable in life requires some effort and action. Personal transformation with those deep and thorough changes is demanding and is a process, not an event. Usually, we cannot do big shifts by ourselves and we need help with those fundamental changes. With being trapped in our patterns and being too close to the situation we lack the distance needed to clearly see where we are at, what is going on and to be able to help ourselves. I haven’t found my solutions on my own, the book on High Sensitivity came to me because I asked for help.

Looking back I can see myself wanting and searching for someone who would tell me what is right for me. I expected quick solutions, someone with a magic wand to blow away my patterns and limiting beliefs, someone who would tell me why something is the way it is and heal it for me (I admit I still get that desire sometimes). Through experiencing the coaching process – being the coach and being coached – I realized something significant. When you are lost it is valuable to have the coach share with you their experience or what they think might work for you. But it was often that I made progress because the coach returned the question. I was “forced” to dig within, make some effort and find what I was feeling, what I was wanting, what I was thinking is best for me. In the presence of someone who holds the space for you, has faith in you and supports you energetically it is easier.

On my quest to find the magic wand I discovered I already have it; it is hidden in my awareness, in my connection to myself, in my self-care and in my care for that connection, in my presence here and now. When I am connected to my inner wisdom, being present and rested, everything seems possible. Also asking the right questions at the right moment.

I am curious: Where or what is your magic wand? Do you have it or are you still searching for it?


A mix of quotes from great Albert Einstein, a bit altered; I found the quotes here.