Body awareness


I invite you to stop for a moment. Pause.

Notice how you are connecting to the ground under you. The contact your body makes with the surface. Feel the pressure.

Notice your breathing. Don’t change it, just become aware of what it is doing. How it is. Where it goes. Nose? Mouth? Shallow? Fast-paced? Deep? Slow? Long?

Look around. Where are you? What is around you? Notice your surroundings. See what is there. People. Objects. Pets. Plants. Nature. Really see it, one at the time.

Do it slowly. Take in this slowness, this pausing quality of your being, of you (just) being.

And then return to your day.

You can do one of the things, all of them, do a combination you feel suits you at the moment.

Do it once a day, a few times a day, often throughout the day.

Play with it.

This increases body awareness, awareness of the environment.

If you practice it in a space where you feel safe, where you are not disturbed by others, it can use as a practice of restoring safety back to the body. It connects you with your body and with the environment.

It works this way when done with awareness.

And it works when you do it. When you practice it.

Photo: Anja Benedik