My name is Manca Klinar. I am ICF certified Whole Person Life Coach and I live in Slovenia. I assist fellow Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) in finding their own way in life by helping them recreate their lives to be balanced and aligned with High Sensitivity. I accompany them on their path to reaching their goals and help them remove possible obstacles. While supporting them in their process to wholeness I encourage my clients to connect with their inner wisdom and their innate gifts.

Photo: Anja-Benedik
Photo: Anja-Benedik

As a law graduate, I worked in public service for nearly 15 years, living a fast-paced active life, like that of a non-HSP, on autopilot, trying to be like the majority of people, yearning to belong and changing myself to fit in, following the expectations of others. Several personal crises made me start reconstructing myself: I re-connected with my heart and my body. After a life-changing liberating spiritual retreat, I had to face the reality of my life: my job no longer fitted in with my heart’s vision for myself. My body gave me the nudge I needed to overcome the fear of having no other alternative job solution when my contract expired. Instead of extending the contract I chose freedom. After an intense time of soul searching, deep questions, uncomfortable answers, fear, vulnerability, feeling lost, and also a deep knowing of being on the right track, I uncovered my true self and found my new path.

I completed my training and became a certified Whole Person Coach. Besides that, I was and still am learning about High Sensitivity and quenching my hunger for new knowledge in various other fields of interest (e.g. emotional management, nervous system regulation, spiritual guidance).

I find great joy in simple movement in nature as well as outdoor sports; it was sports that helped me get in touch with my body again. I am also an indefatigable seeker of meaning and of new knowledge, I love interesting stories and discovering my own way while living it every day. I enjoy talking about High Sensitivity, sharing my experiences and connecting with fellow HSPs.




  • I gave lectures about High Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive Children at Ljudska univerza Jesenice (in Jesenice and Bohinjska Bistrica).



It’s been a while since I started wandering around this earth. And I am still learning. If we talked in Archetypes I am definitely the Learner. I like to learn about life, myself (a great deal), about the ‘Why?’, the ‘How?’ and the ‘How on Earth did I manage to do that?!’. And I love exploring how to approach Life in a holistic way and how to find balance … Yep, if I would look for the word I am searching for, that word would be Balance 🙂

Who else am I? A nature lover (hmm, nature addict might be more appropriate), sportswoman in spirit and a smiling seeker.

Fotografija: Mare Vrevc
Foto: Mare Vrevc

Below I captured some of the words others might use to describe me.

A daughter, a sister, a friend, a climbing partner, a university graduate – law – who passed the bar exam, sportswoman, alpinist, sports climbing instructor, mountain rescuer, individualistic, explorer, Taurus, stubborn, sleepyhead, weird in her own way, hungry and thirsty most of the time. Supportive, intuitive and active. And as I heard this past weekend: strong, kind, full of life force and an inspiring example of what is possible to achieve.

I am also a Whole Person life coach.

Besides that, I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Realising I am an HSP changed my life. And now I am living a new one 🙂 I listen to myself, care for and cultivate my feminine side, trying to balance it with my active energy. I also explore the possibilities of combining my desire for an active lifestyle while honoring my High Sensitivity at the same time.

Realising I am a Highly Sensitive Person and connecting the dots about all the weirdness I felt about myself (it wasn’t just me) that made me different – something ‘less’ (not social enough) and something ‘too’ (too emotional, too sensitive) – I felt such a relief and at the same time also a strong desire, almost an imperative: I MUST share that information. Hence this site. And www.visokosenzitivnaoseba.si. The latter as a page with the information about HSPs in the Slovene language. This one as sort of my card, description of my actions, with which I’d like to enable a different life to Highly Sensitive People through my experience, exploration, and activities. And of course, by asking the right questions at the right moment.

Most of us probably already found out (more or less painfully) that we cannot adapt ourselves to the rest of the world and to the ordinary life. And I think it is time to find out how we can adapt life to us and our sensitivity. That’s what I do. For myself and also for others, offering support, safe space and encouragement.


We are what we are. We can wear masks, hide, diminish ourselves or pretend we are not Highly Sensitive even after we find out that we are. But we can also get to know ourselves, learn and evolve, we can start accepting the challenges of our High Sensitivity and grow. And then we can shine and thrive, we can embrace, use and leverage our gifts. We can be all of what and all of who we were born to be. There are no coincidences. We have our mission in life and the easiest thing to do is to start fulfilling it. Because – everything else eventually becomes harder.


I like what Renee Fishman wrote:

To me, this is the ultimate freedom: to embrace who we are, without apology or excuse.“





I met Manca in Coaching school. The minute I read her email introducing herself to me and looked at her bio on her website, I felt that I was going to meet my alter ego, and I did! From the first meeting we hit it off and I found in her not only an amazingly competent coach but also an incredible human being, someone everybody should meet at one point in their lives. She immediately created the safe space needed for deep introspection and for complete and utter honesty. In her supportive, compassionate and non-judgmental presence and with her discrete and timely interventions (whether they were questions, insights or even just her silence) we peeled off limiting beliefs layer after layer and unearthed repressed truths and needs. Saying that thanks to Manca I made progress in my quest for self-discovery wouldn’t do her justice. What actually happened is that she catapulted me forward and thanks to her I have even more self-awareness and I am more in touch with my inner wisdom. I am grateful to the universe that made sure we met and I look forward to continuing working with her as the value added to her coaching techniques and skills is her wonderful, warm personality matched with her professionalism. Thank you, Manca!”

– Evdoxia Stoupi, 47, Greece