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My name is Manca (‘Muntsa’), and I live in Slovenia. 

I work as a certified Whole Person Life Coach. I support, guide and help (Highly) Sensitive women overcome their doubts and discomforts and find ways to be authentic so they can have quality relationships.


My approach to work and life is holistic; I complement Whole Person life coaching with energy support work using the Earth’s energy. I love talking about High Sensitivity, be it presentations, workshops, one on one conversations, summits and podcasts, or my own channels (Youtube and Facebook). 

My ‘encounter’ with High Sensitivity had a profound impact on me, and it led me to learn a lot about HS, study coaching, and for both to merge into my new profession. It changed my life, and I believe honoring High Sensitivity can change the world, starting with Highly Sensitive individuals (HSPs) themselves.

As a law graduate, I worked in public service for nearly 15 years, living a fast-paced, active life, like that of a non-HSP, on autopilot, trying to be like the majority of people, yearning to belong and changing myself to fit in. I thought something was wrong with me for not being able to enjoy my life and constantly seeking something or running away. Even when ‘I had it all’ – health, love, home, job, hobbies. Something was missing.

As a series of self-created events thoroughly shook my life, it was finally time. To face the music. I left my job and started sorting my life. It was intense, deep, uncomfortable. It brought me my ticket to wholeness – High Sensitivity. And a new profession – coaching. In fact, it brought me a new life.

Being an inquisitive person, wanting to learn and connect the dots from various angles and areas, I made the journey abundant with variety and knowledge. It still is. High Sensitivity, coaching, channeling higher consciousness, energy work, nervous system regulation, emotions, shadow alchemy, trauma, embodiment, societal and family conditioning – and their connection to High Sensitivity. 

I find great joy in simple movement in nature and outdoor sports; it was sports that helped me reconnect with myself and my intuition. I am also a tireless seeker of meaning; I love books, interesting stories, and deep conversations, and I enjoy discovering my own way of life while living it. 

I adore nature (especially lonely woods), movement, quiet, and alone time – preferably all together; these are my favorite self-care tools as well.



I had a conversation with Fleur Choy as a part of the Empath Superpower Series, where I shared a lot about my personal journey. The recording is available here.





In Slovenia, I gave presentations and held workshops about High Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive Children, organized by:

  • Ljudska univerza Jesenice (in Jesenice, Bohinjska Bistrica, and Žirovnica)
  • Občinska knjižnica Jesenice (in Kranjska Gora) and 
  • Društvo Artemis (in Rače).


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Photos: Anja Benedik


Would you like to listen to a few more words about High Sensitivity, my journey, and what I do?

I was interviewed for a podcast. Have a listen!


We are what we are. We can wear masks, hide, diminish ourselves, or pretend we are not Highly Sensitive even after finding out that we are.

But we can also get to know ourselves, learn, and evolve; we can start accepting our High Sensitivity and growth challenges. And then we can shine and thrive; we can embrace, use, and leverage our gifts. We can be all of what and all of who we were born to be.

There are no coincidences. We have our mission in life, and the easiest thing to do is to start fulfilling it. Because – eventually, everything else becomes harder.




I met Manca in Coaching school. The minute I read her email, introducing herself to me and looked at her bio on her website, I felt that I was going to meet my alter ego, and I did! 

From the first meeting, we hit it off, and I found in her not only an amazingly competent coach but also an incredible human being, someone everybody should meet at one point in their lives. She immediately created the safe space needed for deep introspection and for complete and utter honesty. In her supportive, compassionate, and non-judgmental presence and with her discrete and timely interventions (whether they were questions, insights, or even just her silence), we peeled off limiting beliefs layer after layer and unearthed repressed truths and needs. 

Saying that thanks to Manca, I made progress in my quest for self-discovery wouldn’t do her justice. What actually happened is that she catapulted me forward, and thanks to her, I have even more self-awareness, and I am more in touch with my inner wisdom. 

I am grateful to the universe that made sure we met and I look forward to continuing working with her as the value added to her coaching techniques and skills is her wonderful, warm personality matched with her professionalism. Thank you, Manca!”

– Evdoxia Stoupi, 47, Greece







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