Emotional, in need of more alone time, thinking a lot?

Tired of feeling like there’s something wrong with you?


Hello and welcome.


What if I told you there might be an explanation for all those feeling? And a better life?


My name is Manca and I am a Whole Person Life Coach for Highly Sensitive People.

I help individuals solve issues they have or fulfill their goals through a special form of conversation. Using questions and other techniques I support them to find their own solutions and answers to questions that are in their way.


A fifth of the population is born with a finely tuned nervous system and you just might be one of them. This minority is called Highly Sensitive People. You can access the informative self-test here.

Have you ever heard of High Sensitivity?

It is a normal and innate personality trait, which can be a painful burden or a wonderful asset. What makes the difference? Honoring High Sensitivity and living a life that is aligned with it. Caring, raising and teaching Highly Sensitive Children with their trait in mind. You can find some more about High Sensitivity here and here.


How might you do that?

High Sensitivity Starter Kit

might give you some ideas.

Are you fed up being burdened by your sensitivity and feeling like you are cursed with it?

Do you yearn to be understood and feel normal?

Would you like to be able to cope with your High Sensitivity, being confident in it?

How would you like to thrive and have your life aligned with High Sensitivity?


If you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and/or feel you are not living up to your
whole potential, you have come to the right place. Through Whole Person Coaching,
you can find and create new approaches to a lighter and more authentic life. A life in
which you will have understanding for yourself, giving permission to be all you were
meant to be.



Are you ready for some changes? Would you like to know more?

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Are you at a point in life where you know you are Highly Sensitive but don’t know what to do about it?

Do you suspect you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), yet at the same time wonder why it matters?

Perhaps you have been aware of your sensitivity for a long time …


No matter what your situation is,

I invite you to give yourself these complimentary e-books as a gift:

High Sensitivity Starter Kit,

two e-books:




The manual will offer you answers to questions such as:

what is High Sensitivity, why is it important to honor it and how can this be achieved?

The workbook will help you explore your High Sensitivity and how it is aligned with your current lifestyle. It will also help you find your gifts and guide you to plan your first action steps towards a life that is aligned with High Sensitivity.





“Manca has a very calm presence and always creates a warm, safe space for me to explore difficult things. I’ve lived most of my life in my head. After working with Manca I am able to get into my heart-space, sit with my emotions, and actually am learning to trust my feelings.”

– Kim H., USA

„I am grateful that you have provided a safe environment filled with compassion allowing me to be open and vulnerable. Your warmth and nurturing approach allows me to relax and share with depth and openness. Your ability to gently ask questions and reflect is powerful helping guide me on my journey. Forever thankful my friend.“

– Margy, USA